Gama Cafe

Occasionally our sweet tooth calls out for some good desserts. After looking, we stumbled upon Gama Cafe. Located on Whyte Ave, it is easily accessible and almost impossible to miss! Ranging from sweets to drinks and even savoury dishes, we are confident to say we were impressed with the quality provided at Gama cafe. We […]

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Splash Poke!

This Thursday we decided to try out the lovely Splash Poke! Located in Downtown Edmonton, Splash Poke is easy to commute to. Just walking distance from the Corona LRT station, it was very easy to find. However, we would not recommend driving although, as it is hard to find a legal place to park for […]

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Ninja Club

This past week has been surprisingly warm, however, that was not going to stop us from enjoying a nice bowl of ramen. Having heard many good things about Ninja Club, we were really excited to try their food ourselves. Located on Whyte Ave, it was fairly easy to find. The restaurant is placed above ground […]

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Some foods are just too pretty to eat. When we saw the pictures of the extravagant milkshakes RE:GRUB offered, we had our doubts. Finally, finding the chance to go, we were more than excited to try their menu and we were not disappointed! Located on Whyte Ave, the location was super accessible and easy to […]

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Snowy Village

We are huge fans of the Korean shaved ice dessert, bingsoo. It tastes great and is super cool and refreshing. We were pumped to hear that a more accessible location had opened in Downtown on Jasper Ave. As soon as we could, we managed to get our hands on some, and boy we were not […]

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Cat Cafe on Whyte pt. 2

We first stumbled upon the Cat Cafe when it was first opening. Since it was a soft opening, we noticed that a lot had changed since the first time we went; enough change that we can write an updated review on it! Besides, who doesn’t love cats? To enter the cat cafe, it costs $15. […]

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Doughnut Party

Is there anyone out there who does not enjoy donuts? We doubt it. We also believe its super difficult to make a gross donut. Doughnut Party was no exception to our theory. With a fluffy dough base and some seriously interesting icing toppings, who could refuse? Located near downtown, closer to the Telus World of […]

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