Taste of Edmonton

To get a wider spectrum to taste what Edmonton has to offer, we went to Taste of Edmonton while it was ongoing! Taste of Edmonton is a yearly event that occurs in Churchill Square during mid-late July where Edmonton based restaurants and food trucks gather and sell their food at individual vendors. It usually features […]

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Snowy Dessert: Bingsoo Roundup

After we were mildly disappointed with the overly sweet taste of the bingsoo we had last week, we became skeptical about the bingsoo craze that has been everywhere. There is a saying that food that hails straight from its home country is the best, and Snowy Dessert was certainly no exception to this. Straight from […]

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Dream Tea: Bingsoo Roundup

Dream Tea has always been a go to bubble tea place for us whenever we were feeling a craving for some boba. We definitely recommend trying the bubble teas if you have not already been there. Recently, their bingsoo has been all over social media and we have been dying to try some for ourselves. […]

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Blaze Pizza

We are huge fans of pizza and are always down for a good slice. After trying LOVE Pizza a couple months ago, we were holding off from trying other pizzas because we did not want to get disappointed by our newly high standards. Blaze Pizza for sure did not disappoint and we will for sure […]

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Tres Carnales

Just located on Jasper Ave but on the hidden Rice Howard Way or 100A St. is where Tres Carnales is located! It has been praised by the Food Network, CTV and more for its amazing food, use of local ingredients and service and we surely agree, because we were thoroughly impressed! The ambience and general […]

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Located along the trendy 124th Street with easy access to Jasper Ave and the rest of downtown, we really enjoyed the convenient location of Chocorrant. The atmosphere is light and amiable, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends or treat yourself on a summer day. The atmosphere was bright and happy. The […]

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Hexagon Cafe

On a too sunny and hot day where there were one too many shops closed, we stumbled upon Hexagon Cafe. From afar, it looks like any other restaurant/cafe, but the inside is full of surprises. The place is filled with board games, card games, and more! This is a great place to spend a long […]

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