We are huge bubble tea enthusiasts, therefore, we were super excited to try the new Quickly location when it opened at West Edmonton Mall, nearby the World Waterpark. We really enjoy their new, more accessible location. The promotions they had when it first opened were quite the rage, with line ups being super long. Quickly […]

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We have been craving Ramen for a while. After hearing about this great Ramen place from a friend we decided to check it out. Nudoru is pretty accessible but being located on Whyte Ave, it might be difficult to find parking spaces. We were pretty happy with the food; it was very filling and satisfying. […]

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We decided that we were craving for pizza, the age old comfort food that has always been there for us. LOVEPizza totally delivered and maybe even surpassed our expectations for pizza. It is the prefect place to go when hanging out with friends and is super easy to access through public transport or car. The […]

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Pho Boy

The past weeks were full of dull, cold weather and a friend of ours had not tried it before so we thought pho was the perfect meal for lunch! Pho Boy is along Whyte Ave and is pretty accessible if you’re already there or through public transit, but parking is limited and scarce. According to […]

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Remedy Cafe

One of our collective favourite places to go to for a warm drink is Remedy Cafe. There seems to always be one located conveniently anywhere and is has the perfect atmosphere to hang out with friends, chat, or even do your backed up physics homework! The locations are also super accessible through public transit, a […]

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Northern ChickenĀ 

Our latest food endeavour has been Northern Chicken. It’s located near downtown Edmonton and has a pretty great atmosphere to go along with the food! We found it pretty accessible. Parking is limited so we’d recommend taking public transport to get there. The restaurant itself has a really nice atmosphere. They stick to a southern […]

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If you were wondering about the photo we posted on Instagram last Friday and guessed we were at Chatime, you were right! Our original plan was to go to Gongcha, but one wrong bus ride later we ended up in front of Chatime and decided why not. For how long it has actually been around, […]

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