About Us

Just a group of friends on a low-budget who have a passion for food and want to share it with the world!

We like to spend our afternoons looking for and eating at new and interesting places across Edmonton. We try to keep our reviews honest and as relatable as possible!

You can contact us at:

Meet the group:

Caitlyn – Co-chair/Co-founder: Hi, I’m Caitlyn and I’m constantly broke, though I go out and eat every week anyways. I keep the instagram page updated, so make sure to follow us for some tasty extra photos!

Lynn – Co-chair/Co-founder: Hi! I’m Lynn and I have a passion for eating. I write the blog posts! On my free time I enjoy reading and petting cats.

Ellie – Editor/advisor:¬†Hey guys I’m Ellie. I guess you could call me the one who gives moral support, but there’s nothing wrong with making friends happy with food. “Low budget” is my favourite phrase.