Blaze Pizza

We are huge fans of pizza and are always down for a good slice. After trying LOVE Pizza a couple months ago, we were holding off from trying other pizzas because we did not want to get disappointed by our newly high standards. Blaze Pizza for sure did not disappoint and we will for sure have a hard time deciding our favourite pizza place from now on!

There are multiple locations around Edmonton making it more accessible and convenient to access than LOVE Pizza. We went to the location in the Brewery District next to City Market. Although we went around 11, it was pretty packed and more and more people streamed in as lunch time came nearer. Despite the chaos caused by the amount of people, everyone got there food quickly and efficiently, and a employee even took some time to check up on us. The service at Blaze Pizza is definitely very good.

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Atmosphere at Blaze Pizza was great as well. The decorations were aesthetically pleasing, making for great Instagram pictures; the restaurant was clean and airy, with plenty of natural light. We also enjoyed the older selection of music that was being played. It was not too loud that we couldn’t hold a conversation.

We tried both the pre-selected combinations as well as the ‘make your own’ pizzas. They both cost the same ($11.60), which was not too expensive because none of us could finish the pizzas on our own. All of the pizzas allowed for as many toppings as one wanted and some of us found out later that we could ask for extra cheese at no extra cost. The normal level of cheese added is very small. The crusts were all thin crust, which allowed for the pizzas to be crispy.

Meat Eater Pizza

On the ‘make your own’ pizza, original sauce with mozzarella cheese was added. We chose to add only chicken as our meat, but it is possible to add more. An assortment of veggies and toppings were added such as spinach, mushrooms and dried tomatoes, but we noticed the range of options was not as vast as LOVE Pizza’s. The end result was still a very colourful and flavourful pizza, nonetheless. We would definitely recommend this pizza for those who enjoy trying interesting combinations and picking their own meat + sauce + cheese combinations.


The ‘White Top’ and the “Green Stripe’ were very similar except the ‘Green Stripe’ had a touch of pesto sauce making the green stripe. They both had a white cream sauce base instead of the traditional tomato sauce, which made for an interesting flavour combinations. They taste was slightly bland due to the cream base, but the bacon bits and other toppings created a nicely unified taste.

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While making our pizzas, we were able to watch the making of the dough. All of it was made in the restaurant itself and the process could be clearly seen through a clear window. We found the machine that stamped out the doughs into the pizza shape really cool. The pizzas are placed into an oven with flames surrounding it making the experience seem very authentic and unique. Very different from a pizza you would pick up at the local grocery store.


Ordering at Blaze Pizza may be slightly confusing at first because you do not order the pizzas the same place you order the non-pizza foods, drinks, and pay. You first order and make your pizza in steps, picking the dough and cheeses then the toppings. Once the pizza is in the fire oven, you pay and order the rest of your meal. The staff were all very nice and helpful and added to the overall experience.

Our final verdict:

7.5/10 for service

8/10 for taste

8/10 for aesthetics

7/10 for price

Blaze Pizza is definitely something we would recommend for you to go to if you are eating out and want to try something new. This is for sure somewhere you need to check out at least once as the experience was great. If you are a fan of LOVE Pizza we for sure recommend this place, as they are both pretty similar in concept.




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