Located along the trendy 124th Street with easy access to Jasper Ave and the rest of downtown, we really enjoyed the convenient location of Chocorrant. The atmosphere is light and amiable, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends or treat yourself on a summer day.

The atmosphere was bright and happy. The entire front was a window so the cafe was extremely well lit. The music was not loud so we could hear each other and hold a conversation. Decorations and aesthetic were very simple and minimalist.

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In general, the food there was great although it may be a bit too pricey for some. If you are on a budget, we would highly recommend getting their croissants. They cost $3.25 each (flavoured) or $2.25 (butter) so they are definitely more affordable than their pastries which cost $6+. The lunch special cost around $11 and came with a sandwich, salad, and a soup. The drinks cost $6.50 but they were quite big.

We decided that the croissants were were the highlight of our trip. They were light and fluffy. They were a great snack and most of us were pretty full after having two. The flavours we tried were green tea, strawberry, and cookies and cream. We enjoyed all of them. The green tea definitely tasted like green tea and might be a little bitter for some whereas the strawberry was pretty sweet. The cookies and cream was sweet as well.

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For a more savoury option, we had also tried the herb and mushroom danish. It was flaky and generally delicious, though we would have liked it more if they were more generous with the mushroom filling, as there was slightly too little of it.


The lunch menu was a sandwich made of a croissant. It was highly crispy on the outside and filled with smoked salmon and vegetables. We definitely recommend this only if you enjoy raw fish and/or salmon because those of us who do not like fish were not its biggest fan. The salad was pretty good, but there was nothing super special about it. We, however, all enjoyed the creamy mushroom and tarragon soup with a passion. It lived up to it’s name – it was definitely creamy, as well as filling. It was hot soup on a hot day but did not make us feel uncomfortably warm which we appreciated.


The two desserts we tried were a caramel apple and a chocolate crunch cake. They were both highly aesthetically pleasing; they were almost too pretty to eat! The caramel apple tasted exactly like its name. It was moist and soft and had actual apple in the middle. It was also not too sweet. The cake was abundant in chocolate and we liked how creamy and how it was also not too sweet. We did feel, however, that it might have been too pricey for the serving size.

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Since it was so hot, we ordered two cold drinks. We unanimously enjoyed the matcha latte but only some of us liked the iced latte. The matcha latte was on the sweeter side but still retained the distinct matcha flavour which was nice. We only recommend the iced latte for those who enjoy caffeine and coffee. They were both very refreshing. Naturally, though, the ice can dilute the flavour so if you can tolerate the warmer temperature then we recommend trying out the warm version!


We were really impressed by the service. Everyone was friendly and willing to help. They brought the food physically out to us, which we were not expecting because Choccorant is not a full service restaurant.

Our final verdict:

10/10 for service

7/10 for taste

9/10 for aesthetics

6/10 for price

Overall, Choccorant is a place to check out if you enjoy baked goods or are looking for a unique twist on croissants. It’s great for a light snack or a light meal and it provides a great atmosphere to hang out with friends. We for sure recommend trying the croissants here, and there is other food available if you are super hungry. If you are up for a special, albeit, pricey dessert splurge – this is the place for you!


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