Hexagon Cafe

On a too sunny and hot day where there were one too many shops closed, we stumbled upon Hexagon Cafe. From afar, it looks like any other restaurant/cafe, but the inside is full of surprises. The place is filled with board games, card games, and more! This is a great place to spend a long afternoon with friends playing games or simply hanging out.


For $2.50 an hour/person, we found the time we spent there affordable and completely worth it. We had access to many different games such as Cards Against Humanity (they had the YEG additions too!), Red Flags, and more. We were first introduced to Red Flags by the lady at the counter and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were entertained by it for many hours.



The atmosphere of Hexagon Cafe is great. It was calm and relaxing with some seriously homey vibes. We felt comfortable to hold conversations and just have fun together. The day and time we went, however, the cafe was pretty empty (there was maybe 1 or 2 other groups) so we do not know what it would be like when really busy. There is only a limited number of seats and from looking at trends, it appears that Hexagon is the most busy in the late afternoon/evening. To ensure a table you can either reserve or come at an earlier time!

We enjoyed the decorations and overall design of the place very much as well. The decoration was minimal with a couple art prints hung up on one wall and a shelf full of un-opened boardgames displayed across from the counter. The back of the store is where the games are held and despite carrying over 100 different games, it was well organized in alphabetical order. We found all of the games we were looking for super easily.

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Because the weather was 30°C+ we found ourselves heavily craving cold drinks. Hexagon Cafe for sure delivered. We ordered the iced London fog, iced earl-grey tea, and iced mocha with a caramel shot. The iced teas were around $3 and the milk-based iced drinks were around $4-5.10. Additional flavour shots cost around $0.50. The sizes were all the same regardless of price. The prices were slightly on the expensive side but the taste made up for it. We would only wish for slightly bigger cups or less ice as the drinks quickly ran out.

The iced London fog was one of our favourites. It had a slightly floral taste to it and was very smooth. We liked how it wasn’t too sweet and how the flavours were subtle. It was very refreshing on the hot day.


The iced tea was just that – iced tea, so if you are not a fan of just tea, this drink is not for you. You can also add a variety of different sugars or sweeteners to your tea to balance out the natural bitterness of the teas. Otherwise, drinking it black works just fine! The earl grey flavour was strong initially, though due to the ice it got diluted over time.

The iced mocha was also really good. We recommend this drink if you enjoy a kick of caffeine. The drink was not too sweet nor overpowering. The ice did not water down the flavour which was really appreciated.

We found the food adequate. For a board game cafe is was pretty good. We got a very homemade vibe from the food which we enjoyed, but at $6-9 it was slightly too overpriced for us. We enjoyed how all of the dishes we ordered came with a side of tortilla chips and salsa. It was good food to munch on as we hung out. The food we tried were: the turkey sandwich, the ham sandwich, and the Thai beef. They all tasted fresh and there was plenty of fillings in the sandwiches. The Thai was flavourful and moist.

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Service was really good! We loved how the person working was happy to make conversation with us, recommend to us new games, and explain how games worked. Everything was put on a tab which we payed at the very end of our visit.

Our final verdict:

9/10 for service

6.5/10 for taste

8.5/10 for aesthetics

6/10 for price

Overall, we enjoyed Hexagon Cafe as a place to hang out and play interesting new games with friends. The employees were definitely very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere and aesthetics were equally as pleasing as well. When going here, one must keep in mind that this is a BOARD GAME Cafe, so one should not go in looking for a mind-blowing meal; maybe just stick to getting a drink if your aren’t super hungry. We will for sure be going back in the nearby future to play more games!


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