We are huge bubble tea enthusiasts, therefore, we were super excited to try the new Quickly location when it opened at West Edmonton Mall, nearby the World Waterpark. We really enjoy their new, more accessible location. The promotions they had when it first opened were quite the rage, with line ups being super long. Quickly did not fail to hook us, leaving us wanting more.


The Quickly we went to was more of a kiosk than an actual restaurant/cafe location. There was no place to sit and the interior looked pretty cramped as well. The bright colours and decorations caught our eyes. There was also lots of fruit hanging around that gave the impression that the bubble tea had real fruit.

We enjoyed how there were many different types of bubble tea flavours, combinations, and types to chose from. There truly was something for everyone! The flavours that we enjoyed the most were the matcha, honeydew, Thai tea, cookies and cream, lychee green tea, mango green tea, and avocado bubble teas. All the bubble teas have unique names such as ave-snow-ly, which makes ordering a little more confusing, but its fun to see a change.


The matcha bubble tea was not too sweet and had a very distinct matcha taste. We recommend it for anyone who enjoys matcha or green tea and is looking for a cold option. Another good flavour for those who like tea is the Thai tea flavour. At first, we were slightly alarmed by the deep orange colour, but it tastes almost exactly like tea! We liked how it was not too sweet.


When ordering tea-based bubble tea, you are prompted to choose an accompanying fruit flavour and the ones we had chosen were lychee and mango. The lychee and mango green teas were very refreshing overall! The lychee and mango definitely obvious and overpowered the drink, so the actual green tea was not easy to taste. We had ordered the popping boba by chance with the mango green tea. There are two types that you can get: lychee and mango. We were pleasantly surprised and amazed on how it would burst out in flavour in your mouth once you tried to chew onto it! If you are looking to spice up your bubble tea experience with something extra, then this is it.


The avocado bubble tea was one of the most expensive drinks on the menu ($6+), but it seemed to be made with real avocados. It tastes very fresh, with little to no added sweeteners, so you should only order this if you enjoy the natural taste of avocados.

The main reason we enjoyed Quickly so much compared to other bubble tea places was due to their boba. When we realized just how chewy and still slightly warm they were, we all felt a little surge of happiness. Too often, boba is solid, but not at Quickly’s! The boba also had a distinct sweet taste to it that added to the bubble tea experience. They also had a popping boba option mentioned earlier that we found really cool. It is also helpful to note that you have a choice of one free topping and it is around 50 cents for any more. Aside from the names and boba, however, there was really not too much that distinguished Quickly’s from other good bubble tea places.

Prices were on the slightly more expensive side for bubble tea. The prices ranged from $4.80 – $6+, which, in our opinion is a little too much money to be spending on a drink. It is also a bit more expensive than most other bubble tea shops, but the higher quality of ingredients justify it to an extent.

Although small and a little cramped, service was pretty good. Everyone was very polite, patient, and helpful. There was also many samples being handed out! Everything was efficient and we received our drinks fairly quick.

Our final verdict*:

8/10 for service

7/10 for taste

6/10 for price

*There is no rating for aesthetics because the Quickly we went to was a kiosk.

Overall, Quickly bubble tea is something we recommend anyone who is a die-hard bubble tea fan (like us!) to try. The chewy boba and fun flavours are definitely something that will slightly brighten a cloudy day for anyone.


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