We have been craving Ramen for a while. After hearing about this great Ramen place from a friend we decided to check it out. Nudoru is pretty accessible but being located on Whyte Ave, it might be difficult to find parking spaces. We were pretty happy with the food; it was very filling and satisfying.


The overall atmosphere at Nudoru was very good. It was sophisticated, clean, and well decorated. The restaurant, although full of customers, was relatively quiet. We enjoyed not having to yell to hold a conversation. This is a great place to go if your are grabbing lunch or dinner with friends and you have some money to spend. The music being played was gentle piano.


Ordering the ramen was very interesting because we physically circled the desired items with pencils provided at the table. The menu was handed out with a separate sheet of paper that listed all of the various toppings. We liked this as it cut down ordering time and also the hassle and confusion that follows lengthy and complicated orders.


Everyone who served us were very friendly. We were checked upon more than once to see if we were doing alright and if we had enjoyed the food.

We tried the octopus fritters as an appetizer. They were $9. They were almost too pretty to eat when we received them, but we were glad we dug in right away! The outsides were very crispy and the spicy mayo sauce complemented the fritters perfectly. The insides were a mix of various colours. While it is not within the same texture as a takoyaki, we were not disappointed. They were very tasty and are great if you’re looking to indulge.

IMG_4631 (1)

The ramen was also pretty good! Most of us tried various combinations of the ‘Make your Own’ ramen which cost $13.50. You can chose between 5 different soup bases, 3 meats, and many other toppings. In addition, we also ordered the Tonkotsu, which was one of the pre-set bowls that cost $15! We definitely would recommend getting the hardboiled egg topping. All of the meats were very soft and flavourful, so it really depends on personal tastes.

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The miso soup base was the most popular among us. It might be slightly too greasy for some, but overall it was very hearty and filling. The consistency was very thick for a soup. The Shoyu base is soy flavoured and the Shio is salty but still good. The spicy miso was also very good. It had the same consistency as the the regular miso but had a spicy kick. The soup was not too spicy to be uncomfortable, but it added a nice touch and it is great for those who enjoy spicy foods. The colour of the soup base was also very pretty!


The noodles may cause controversy for some as they were not super soft or thin like one would expect from other kinds of noodles, however we were a fan. It was also impressive for us to find out that the noodles were made in-house! We enjoyed how they were slightly less cooked causing them to be super chewy. The noodles were curly like instant noodles but slightly thicker and had more bite to them.

Our final verdict:

7/10 for service

8.5/10 for taste

7/10 for aesthetics

6.5/10 for price

Overall, we greatly enjoyed the food at Nudoru. If you are craving ramen this is definitely a restaurant you should consider! The food was pretty good but not exquisite. It was also slightly on the pricier side, definitely not somewhere one could go on a daily basis, but great for a once a month splurge. This is a great place to catch up with friends and fill up a tummy!




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