Remedy Cafe

One of our collective favourite places to go to for a warm drink is Remedy Cafe. There seems to always be one located conveniently anywhere and is has the perfect atmosphere to hang out with friends, chat, or even do your backed up physics homework! The locations are also super accessible through public transit, a factor that we thoroughly enjoy! The atmosphere is cosy and welcoming.


The chai lattes at Remedy Cafe are amazing! We have reached the general consensus that they are the best here. The spices are not too overpowering compared to chai lattes at other places while still providing that nice kick. They make a great drink for when you are looking for something warm to drink on a cold day. Chai lattes cost less than $5 each regardless of the type you get, which may seem pricey, but they make the perfect occasional treat.

The rooibos vanilla chai latte was very sweet and had an almost flowery aftertaste. They taste like a treat and are great if you dislike the taste of spices in the regular chai lattes; you can hardly taste the chai in it. The texture also seems a lot smoother and frothier than the original.

Kashmiri chai lattes have a more subtler taste of chai spices too, but are not sweet. They have the gentle undertones created by the tea leaves present in the drink. The tea leaves were a pleasant surprise for us as we were not expecting something chewy in our drink. We enjoyed the leaves because they added an interesting texture to the drink.

Although we were thoroughly in love with the lattes, we found the cappuccino underwhelming. It was pretty bland, but this could be easily fixed by mixing in some of the many sugars and sweetness available at Remedy. We recommend sticking with the chai lattes for a warm drink, but this is a good option if you are looking for a warm drink with a caffeine kick to wake yourself up!


The service at Remedy Cafe is good for a non-full service restaurant. The cashiers and the people who make your food are friendly and helpful. We liked the black disks that buzzed when the food was ready, as the small place was packed with people. When we were done our food, we were unsure what to do with our dishes at first but most Remedy Cafes will have a designated spot to place dirty dishes once finished.

The plating and the aesthetics of the food were pretty average. The food was served on metal dishes which wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, however it got the job done so we are not complaining. The taste of the food makes up for it completely!


Remedy Cafe offers a plethora of different types of foods ranging from vegan to gluten free options. We were not expecting much from the food, however, we were pleasantly surprised. The notable foods we tried were the samosas and the butter chicken wrap. The samosas were 2 for about $7 with a chai latte, which was a deal almost too good to pass up. We enjoyed them with the sweet sauce provided. They were not too greasy. These are a perfect snack or a light meal.

The butter chicken wrap was a true star in our opinion. The outside was light, thin, and crunchy. The insides were a mixture of rice, chickpeas and butter chicken, which were not spicy, but had a good amount of flavour. We greatly enjoyed eating this. We split one and found that we were pretty full afterwards. For around $9, they are not cheap, but we definitely recommend them for a meal out with friends.


Our final verdict:

8/10 for service

9/10 for taste

7/10 for aesthetics

6/10 for price

We all genuinely enjoyed Remedy Cafe. The food is good and so are the drinks. The prices may be a bit steep, however it is still a good place to go for the occasional meal or drinks with friends. Remedy Cafe is the perfect place to go for hanging out with friends. We definitely recommend going here and trying what they have to offer if you haven’t already!


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