Northern Chicken 

Our latest food endeavour has been Northern Chicken. It’s located near downtown Edmonton and has a pretty great atmosphere to go along with the food! We found it pretty accessible. Parking is limited so we’d recommend taking public transport to get there.

The restaurant itself has a really nice atmosphere. They stick to a southern Louisiana feel and it works! We thoroughly enjoyed the art on the walls and the little prints that they were giving out in order to support local artists. It was very aesthetically pleasing to look at and there is plenty of space to sit and chat. The music playing was hip hop and loud, which we enjoyed, however if you are looking for a quiet and calm place to grab your meal, Northern Chicken is not for you.

Northern Chicken is definitely not cheap. For a small side and 3 piece chicken we ended up paying nearly $20, which we thought was pretty ridiculous. Once we received the food, however, we quickly noticed how large the portions were. Even if the portions were very large, we believe that the food is still over priced, especially the sides. Nearly $10 for a large side is too much in our opinion. Northern Chicken is definitely not the place to go to if you are looking for a cheap and light meal.

Service at Northern Chicken was very good. The food was presented fairly quickly and it is brought directly to your table which is nice. The people are very friendly and strike up a conversation with you. The kitchen area and the counter where you order was slightly chaotic as there was so much commotion happening, but that is expected from a restaurant during lunch time!

The food, in general, was very filling but somewhat underwhelming. We appreciated how the fried chicken was juicy, tender, and very crispy on the outside. The sides we ordered were very good as well. We recommend the Dorito Mac & Cheese for the Whipped Sweet Potato. The Dorito Mac & Cheese tasted like normal macaroni and cheese with a hint of Dorito that some of us liked but some of us were very disappointed in. Compared to the chicken, it was unflavourful, but paired nicely with the meal. The Whipped Sweet Potato was liked by all. It is sweet and creamy and tastes almost like a dessert. It, however, is very starchy and filling. We also ordered dessert which we enjoyed. It was sweet and salty at the same time.

When going to Northern Chicken we determined that one should stick to ordering the chicken. We tried the Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese and we were slightly alarmed by how the bottom of the sandwich was completely burnt black. Maybe that was the way it was supposed to be, but we believe that ‘grilled’ and ‘burnt’ are different. It still tasted fine, so maybe it was intentional.

The Chicken Corn Chowder was interesting and put a fresh spin on chowder. It was pretty good, and we recommend it if you’re looking for something warm to eat on a cold day. It is also a good alternative if you are looking for a lighter meal, as the portion is pretty reasonable and the price is on the lower side as well.

The chicken is what Northern Chicken is known and we definitely saw what all of the hype was about. The chicken was super crispy on the outside and the meat was so juicy it dripped everywhere! The seasoning on the chicken was very good and almost reminded us of curry spices. Pieces were so large that some of us could only finish one piece before having to pack the rest for later. We found that we were not hungry for dinner. The complementary coleslaw side is a definite must, as it balances out the grease from the chicken, that might be too overwhelming without it. When eating the chicken we thoroughly enjoyed it, however looking back, we agreed that we could have eaten similar chicken for a fraction of the price somewhere else as well.

The food at Northern Chicken is very greasy, filling, and starchy, and we don’t recommend it for light eaters nor people who are not committed to having a heavy meal. You definitely need to go here on a completely empty stomach and be prepared to eat. It is also not the best for people with weak digestive systems, because we found that some of us felt nauseous afterwards.

Our final verdict:

7/10 for service

6/10 for taste

7.5/10 for aesthetics

4/10 for price

Overall we enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, but we thought that the food was too expensive and there was nothing special enough about it to justify the high prices. It is certainly a place to try at least once, however, not somewhere we would go regularly.



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