If you were wondering about the photo we posted on Instagram last Friday and guessed we were at Chatime, you were right! Our original plan was to go to Gongcha, but one wrong bus ride later we ended up in front of Chatime and decided why not. For how long it has actually been around, some of us had not tried it yet!

The location we had visited was the Jasper Ave location, and while it was small, we definitely enjoyed the general aesthetic of it… we may have taken too many pictures of our bubble tea beside the cute wall stickers. The location is also conveniently super accessible via public transport which is a plus. 

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The atmosphere is light and cheery. It is a great place to sit down with some friends and just enjoy one another’s company.


Since it wasn’t as busy around 4pm, we were able to claim enough seats for our group. Wait times were also reasonable and we found our drinks being made at quite a fast pace! We ordered the matcha red bean, jasmine green milk tea with 0% sugar, the pearl milk tea, roasted milk tea, original milk tea, taro, and one of the juices for variety. Overall, we enjoyed the taste, but a few interesting observations we had were the following:

  • For the jasmine green milk tea, 0% sugar may be bitter but if you really want to taste the flavour of the green tea, it’s the way to go.
  • The original milk tea tasted a lot like soy, but the roasted milk tea had more earthy undertones and a sweeter taste.
  • The taro slush did not seem like it was blended very well as it still tasted a bit powdery and the taro flavour was not as distinct and prominent as we would have liked.
  • We found the some of the milk teas were very greasy and fatty. Some of us felt nauseous afterwards.

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Pricewise, we found it to be reasonable and typical of any other bubble tea place. All regular bubble teas were under $6, but for some drinks you have to pay extra for ‘toppings’ (ie. boba and jelly). Also, be prepared to pay more than $6 if you want to go for a large. We all found that the regular was the perfect portion size for us!

Our final verdict is:

8/10 for service

6/10 for taste

9/10 for aesthetics

7/10 for price

All in all, we’re glad (and definitely enjoy) that Edmonton has lots of great bubble tea places, including Chatime. We know when that boba craving hits (which frankly, likely will come any time now) we’d like to come back and try some more of what they have to offer!



I mean, who could resist being away from the feeling of poking your straw through a tasty milk tea.



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