Seoul Fried Chicken


We recently discovered this fried chicken place on Whyte Ave and have been obsessed with it! The idea itself is great and the food plays an interesting spin on traditional fried chicken.

RenderedImage.jpgSeoul Fried Chicken is delicious, there’s no denying that. Some of the friends we went with did not particularly like Korean food or spicy flavours, but the menu had something delicious for everyone. There are 7 items on the menu and each are unique and different. We wouldn’t recommend the original because it is dry and the sauces at Seoul Fried Chicken are what makes it so great. The Spicy Barbecue is the closest to the traditional Korean fried chicken, and we liked it the most. If you dislike spicy foods, the Garlic Soy is an excellent choice as well.


Pricewise, SFC is not the cheapest, but not too expensive either. A half chicken (10 pieces) is around $13-14 and is practically impossible to finish independently in one sitting. The whole chicken (20 pieces) costs around $26. There is a lunch combo that costs $11, which comes with 5 pieces, 2 sides, and a drink. Even the lunch combo is difficult to finish in one sitting.

The restaurant is pretty small, however so during busy hours, expect to stand or be separated from your friends. There are only 5 tables. We’re hoping that someday Seoul Fried Chicken will expand and become bigger! The restaurant is aesthetically pleasing and uses iPads for transactions, which makes the place seem high tech and sleek.


You are called up to grab your food, which is presented in a paper box with the SFC logo. The food doesn’t take long to be prepared.

Our final verdict:

8/10 for service

9/10 for taste

9/10 for aesthetics

7/10 for price

Overall we really enjoyed Seoul Fried Chicken and will definitely go back in the near future! It is definitely recommended to all.


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