Cat Cafe on Whyte

Today was the opening of the first cat cafe in Edmonton. It is located on Whyte ave. We thoroughly enjoyed playing with the cute cats and enjoying the complementary drinks that came along with the admission. Since they just opened, they only had drinks, so probably do not go there on an empty stomach. The price for admission is stated as $15 but they only charged us $12.60, which isn’t bad.


The names for the drinks were super adorable! We loved how the names were all cat related. The service was pretty good and speedy and the staff were really nice. We went early in the morning so we don’t know how it’ll be during peak hours. The cups were plain; we’re hoping for fancier, branded cups in the future.


The place itself is aesthetically pleasing and clean. Lint rollers and sinks are provided but make sure to stay clear of black leggings! We liked how all of the cats were adoptable and saved from euthanasia. If you’re looking for a cat to adopt this is a great place to go!


Our final verdict:

10/10 for the cats!

6/10 for service

5/10 for taste

9/10 for aesthetics

7/10 for price

Overall, the cat cafe was a good experience and we will probably return in the near future!


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