A big franchise in Japan, this location is the first to open in Edmonton. It sells traditional Matcha ice cream, which we were very excited to try as it is something very new. We were intrigued by the pretty presentation of the food. Upon receiving mixed reviews from our friends, we were hesitant to try […]

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Japonais Bistro

Located on the west end of Jasper Avenue this modern restaurant is sure to surprise your taste buds! Upon entering, there was a cozy yet casual ambiance that surrounded the place. We were seated and quickly served. There was a complimentary salad that was deliciously dressed with a rich sesame sauce that was a great […]

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Baekjeong Korean BBQ

Baekjeong in Korean translates to butcher which perfectly fits the restaurant as their main focus is Korean barbecue. It was for sure a new experience as normally we do not cook our own meat at restaurants. We believe that this is the first cook-it-yourself style Korean BBQ place in Edmonton! Located along Calgary Trail, this […]

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Chinese Crepe

Located near the Central LRT, Chinese Crepe was a restaurant we’ve been eyeing for a while. Upon entering, there are bright colours of yellow and red that add to the lively vibe of the place. There are a variety of Asian cuisine you can purchase such as wonton soup and rice plates, but we decided […]

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La Carraia

Located near the Central LRT station near Splash Poke, this small Italian gelato eatery is a lovely place for a cool treat for the upcoming hot days of spring and summer! This Italian establishment is the only branch in Canada! Entering, you are greeted by vibrant colours of green! This cozy place was nice and […]

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Yiannis Taverna

Located on Whyte Ave, this Greek restaurant is bound to invite your taste buds to a lovely feast! Upon entering, you will be able to see exquisite decoration for a very sophisticated vibe. When seated, you realize the atmosphere is quite calm and cozy! The music is not too loud, which is easy to make […]

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Grain of Rice

Grain of rice is a single establishment in Edmonton, buried in the small suburbs of Lewis Estates: 1312 Webber Greens Dr NW Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5T 7C5 It’s located in a small shopping centre with much parking but there may be some difficulty when it comes to commuting as it is deep […]

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