Urbano Pizza Co.

Originally we believed that it would be located next to city centre, however we learnt that the location had moved. Although a little unhappy with the new location (it was a little less convenient for us,) we still wanted to give it a try. Upon first glance after walking in, we thought the decor was […]

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Located at 99th street 34th avenue by the Value Village, this small pieshop and cafe is easily accessible if you have a car. Commute is possible, but it is quite tricky to figure out where to stop and walk to. Once you entered you see a nice simplistic landscape. Bright lights to help illuminate the […]

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Dazzling Cafe

We were at first drawn into this cafe because of the cute chairs; the backs of the chairs had bunny ears! After hearing many good things about this cafe, we were more than excited to try it out for ourselves. We were impressed to see that the food was just as aesthetically pleasing as the […]

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A couple of weeks ago we went to MEAT but was only able to try their brunch menu. Thoroughly impressed by their brunch, we were eager to see how good their even more popular dinner menu would be like. Unsurprisingly, the dinner menu was even better than the brunch menu; we would say it easily […]

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Cactus Club

Located downtown, Cactus Club is easily accessible by commute! Whether by driving, taking a bus or taking the LRT to Corona station the exquisite Cactus Club awaits. Once entering you are delved into an atmosphere of sophistication and class. With the winter weather outside, Cactus Club provided a simplistic modern atmosphere to warm up. We […]

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Table Top Cafe

Located in Downtown, Table Top Cafe, is very easy to access through public transport but may be difficult to drive to as there seemed to be no parking spot nearby. It is a great place to sit down and spend some time with friends and the fact that there is a wide array of food […]

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MEAT (Brunch)

Today we will be reviewing MEAT! Located on Whyte ave, MEAT is a family friendly smokehouse just across the lovely RE:GRUB. We would not recommend driving there as MEAT is easily accessible by commuting. But all in all here’s the start of our review! Upon entering, you are greeted by comfy and cozy family vibes! […]

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