This week we decided to stop by and try Chianti’s Old Strathcona. Located onĀ 10501 82 Ave NW, commuting or by driving, you’re bound to be curious by the inviting wooden doors of the restaurant! Upon entering you are surrounded by a beautiful, modern, yet artistically stylish interior. Typical server style, you are seated at a […]

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Brown Butter Cafe

At first we were intrigued by their mac and cheese sprinkled with crushed instant ramen noodles. It was so unique and catered to our tastebuds we knew we had to try it for ourselves one day. Once we learnt about the fact that they were a family owned local business, we knew we had to […]

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Huma Mexican Comfort

Unassumingly, in our humble opinion, one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants is hidden from the public eye with a modest facade. Huma (hoo-ma) is located at 9880 63 avenue. It does matter whether you commute or you drive, because the location is easily accessible. There are small parking lots located in the side and […]

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The Moth Cafe

None of us in our group are vegan, but since we want to try the widest variety of different foods, we decided to try the Moth Cafe. The highly aesthetically pleasing photos we saw of their food on Instagram were pretty large influences as well. Although some of us were not happy with the fact […]

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It Dog

Originally, the fancy hotdogs served at It Dog caught our eye on Instagram. Loving hot dogs, fried chicken, and poutine, we knew we had to try it for ourselves. The restaurant was pretty easy to find as the colours were neon and bright. We were impressed to see that the loaded hot dogs were just […]

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Cafe Mosaics

Another lovely vegetarian restaurant visited this week was Cafe Mosaic! Located on Whyte Ave. We would recommend commuting if driving or finding parking space is not in your favour. It took us a while to find it as the building itself does not have an actual name pasted on the building, but a chalk board […]

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This lovely vegetarian friendly restaurant is located on 10740 101 street. Since it’s quite difficult to find free parking space, we recommend commuting if it isn’t too much for you! Once you enter you are greeted by a cozy vibe, rich with modern aesthetics and a Indonesian cultural taste. The servers quickly seat you at […]

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